Daily Study Kit No.004 – For All Competitive Exams

Nightingale of India

Guide2PSC – Daily Study Kit Nightingale of India

61 ] Who is the author of The Pathology of Corruption? : S.S. Gill Most Importantly while


62 ] Heat given to an ideal gas under isothermal conditions is used in which work? : In doing external work But as log  as


63 ] “It is possible to fail in many ways; while to succeed is possible only in one way”? : Aristotle firstly all in all


64 ] Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in India? : Jyoti Basu last after that


65 ] Who was known as Tuti-e-Hindustan (the parrot of India)? : Amir Khusrau later above all


66 ] Who is the author of Kore Kagaz ? : Amrita Pritam shortly as much as


67 ] Which muscle is the strongest of all in the human body? : Thigh since at last


68 ] Who is the author of “Ascent to Everest”? : Sir John Hunt so and


69 ] Which substance is used as antiknock compound? : TEL soon


70 ] Wine production is mainly carried out in natural region? : Mediterranean region still


71 ] Rabindranath Tagore was awarded Noble Prize for his which literary work? : Geetanjali surely


72 ] Which temple got the name of Black Pagoda? : Sun Temple than


73 ] Who is the author of “’Nightingale of India’“? : Sarojini Naidu then


74 ] What is the name of the first cloned cat? : Carbon copy ( in 2001; at Texas) therefore


75 ] Which animal belongs to the family in which Panda belongs? : Bear though


76 ] Who is the author of “ Guide”? : R.K. Narayan thirdly


77 ] Who is the highest wicket taker in the world in one day cricket? : Muttiah Muralitharan till


78 ] Who is the author of The Audacity of Hope ? : Barack Obama unless


79 ] Who is the author of “Speed Post”? : Shobha De until


80 ] Who are Debenture holders of a company? : Its creditors when


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