Daily Study Kit No.039 – For All Competitive Exams

Guide2PSC Daily Study Kit-039

Guide2PSC – Daily Study Kit-039

761 ] In which veda is the famous Vedic saying “War begins in the minds of men” stated? : Atharvaveda Most Importantly while


762 ] What is the process that result in the breakdown of rocks and minerals in situ? : Weathering But as log  as


763 ] Which archaeologist initially discovered the Mohenjodaro site of the Indus Valley Civilization? : Rakhal Das Banerji firstly all in all


764 ] Who fixes the salaries and the allowances of the Speaker of Lok Sabha? : Parliament last after that


765 ] Which is electrical circuits used to get smooth de output from a rectified circuit called? : Filter later above all


766 ] Which ruler is known as the maker of modern Travancore? : Marthandavarma. shortly as much as


767 ] Who is the author of “Idiot”? : Fyodor Dostoyevsky since at last


768 ] When did India join the United Nations? : 1945 so and


769 ] Who was the only woman Minister in the first Ministry in Kerala? : K.R Gauri soon


770 ] What is ikebana? : Flower arranging still


771 ] Who is the author of “Makers of Modern India”? : Ramachandra Guha surely


772 ] In which year The Dutch captured the Pallipuram fort? : 1661 than


773 ] Who was the greatest Buddhist commentator of the Buddhist canonical literature? : Ashvaqhosha then


774 ] An Indian born American biochemist; won Nobel Prize in 1968 for making artificial gene. Who is he ? : Har Gobind Khorana therefore


775 ] To which river is the dockyard at ‘Lothal is connected through’ a channel? : Bhogavo though


776 ] The Bahmanis of the Deccan rose to prominence in which century? : 14th century thirdly


777 ] Who is the author of “ Book of Unforgettable Women”? : Khushwant Singh till


778 ] The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the place of which point? : Equator unless


779 ] The mapping of which part of earth is most difficult? : Interior of the earth until


780 ] Pollination by birds is called? : Ornithophily when


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