Daily Study Kit No.083 – For All Competitive Exams

Guide2PSC Daily Study Kit-083

Guide2PSC – Daily Study Kit-083

1641 ] Who is the author of “The serpent and the Rope”? : Raja Rao Most Importantly while


1642 ] Who is the author of “Amar Kosha”? : Amar Singh But as log  as


1643 ] One day in Mumbai a tide occurs at 00 A.M. when will it occur the next day? : 8 : 26 A.M. firstly all in all


1644 ] Pollination takes place with the help of bird; what is called? : Ornithophily last after that


1645 ] Name the German Physician; who isolated Bacillus Anthracis in1877 is? : Robert Koch later above all


1646 ] The Government of India adopted the State Emblem of India from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Asoka on? : 26th January; 1950 shortly as much as


1647 ] Who has the authority to remove the Vice-President from his office before the expiry of his term? : Parliament since at last


1648 ] First Telephone service was started at Kolkata in? : 1881 so and


1649 ] Who was the political guru of Gandhiji? : Gopal Krishna Gokhale soonMost Importantly


1650 ] Dutch sold the St Angelo fort to the Arakkal royal family in? : 1772 stillBut


1651 ] Largest University Building? : University of Riyadh.; Saudi Arabia. surelyfirstly


1652 ] Which is Kerala’s most important coastal tourism destination? : Kovalam thanlast


1653 ] Which European country is divided into areas called Cantons? : Switzerland thenlater


1654 ] One gram of fat yields how many calories of energy? : 9.3 calories thereforeshortly


1655 ] In mid-latitudes; convective precipitation is associated with which front? : Cold fronts thoughsince


1656 ] The German plan of conquering Britain during the Second World War was known as ? : ‘Sea – Lion’ thirdlyso


1657 ] Where has the use of plough been evidenced? : Kalibangan tillsoon


1658 ] Who was the chairman of National Income Committee? : P. C. Mahalanobis unlessstill


1659 ] Which post does the Constitution of India not mention? : The Deputy Prime Minister untilsurely


1660 ] Who is the author of I Follow the Mahatma ? : K M Munshi whenthan


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