Daily Study Kit No.089 – For All Competitive Exams

Guide2PSC Daily Study Kit-089

Guide2PSC – Daily Study Kit-089

1761 ] Mamamkam martyrs memorial Chaverkkunnu is located in? : Perinthalmanna in Malappuram district Most Importantly while

1762 ] Which Asian languages are UN official languages? : Chinese and Arabic But as log  as

1763 ] During whose pleasure does the Attorney General of India hold office? : President firstly all in all

1764 ] Who is the author of “Choice of techniques”? : Dr Amartya Sen last after that

1765 ] Who was Dr. Salim Ali ? : Ornithologist later above all

1766 ] What is the principal source of revenue to the State Government in India? : Sales Tax shortly as much as

1767 ] In which antibody formation takes place? : Blood Plasma since at last

1768 ] By whom was the Sarak-i-Azam which ran from the Indus to Sonargaon (in Bangladesh) built? : Sher Shah so and

1769 ] Who is the author of “Kavithakes”? : E.Y.Krishana Pillai soonMost Importantly

1770 ] Which group of people changes their house types according to seasons? : Kirghiz stillBut

1771 ] Which is the first country formed in the western part of Africa is ? : Ghana. surelyfirstly

1772 ] Which acid used to remove inkspots? : Oxalic acid thanlast

1773 ] Largest Forest (India)? : Assam thenlater

1774 ] Who created the first vaccine for rabies? : Louis Pasteur thereforeshortly

1775 ] Who is the author of “Worshipping False Gods”? : Arun Shourie thoughsince

1776 ] Which compound is used for writing on glass? : Hydrogen fluoride thirdlyso

1777 ] Who is the author of “Heroes and Hero Worship”? : Thomas Carlyle tillsoon

1778 ] What is the net gain of energy from one gram mole of glucose during aerobic respiration? : 38 ATP unlessstill

1779 ] Silk textiles are mainly produced in which countries? : China and India untilsurely

1780 ] National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP)was launched in the year? : 1955 whenthan

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