Daily Study Kit No.091 – For All Competitive Exams

Guide2PSC Daily Study Kit-091

Guide2PSC – Daily Study Kit-091

1801 ] Who is the author of “Angels and Demons”? : George Orwell Most Importantly while

1802 ] Who was the first person to identify the models of aeroplanes; submarines and cars ? : Leonardo Da Vinci But as log  as

1803 ] By whom was the city of Agra founded in 1504? : Sikandar Lodi firstly all in all

1804 ] Kathakali was developed by? : Manaveda (The Zamorin of Calciut) last after that

1805 ] In anaerobic respiration; what is the net gain of ATP per glucose molecule oxidised? : 2 later above all

1806 ] The pH of water at 25°C is When it is heated to 100°C; then what will be the pH of water? : Remains same shortly as much as

1807 ] Who is the author of Old Curiosity Shop ? : Charles Dickens since at last

1808 ] Who was the first Speaker of Kerala? : R. Sankaranarayan Thampi so and

1809 ] Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is located at? : Wayanad soonMost Importantly

1810 ] Who is the author of “Love in the time of Cholera”? : Gabriel Garcia Marquez stillBut

1811 ] Which state is known as “Gods own Country”? : Kerala surelyfirstly

1812 ] From the evolutionary point of view; which is the most primitive animal? : Turtle thanlast

1813 ] By whom are the oldest compositions in Punjabi devotional compositions? : Baba Farid thenlater

1814 ] Where did Akbar build the Panch Mahal; noted for its various types of pillars? : Fatehpur Sikri thereforeshortly

1815 ] Who is the author of Experiments with Untruth ? : Michael Anderson thoughsince

1816 ] The Tibetan river ‘Tsangpo’ enters India through which State? : Arunachal Pradesh thirdlyso

1817 ] Which is the largest metabolic organ in human body? : Liver tillsoon

1818 ] Which is the State with the largest area under waste land? : Jammu and Kashmir unlessstill

1819 ] For whose removal Parliament’s resolution is not needed? : Judge of Supreme Court untilsurely

1820 ] With which did the Civil Disobedience Movement in India commence? : The Dandi March whenthan

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