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2321 ] Which train/railway passes through Germany; France; Austria; Hungary and Romania? : Orient Express Most Importantly while

2322 ] The United Nations declared 2013 as the International Year of which coperation? : Water Cooperation But as log  as

2323 ] Which Language is considered as the Vehicle of Medieval Culture? : Latin Language firstly all in all

2324 ] Which is the largest Public Sector Bank in India? : State Bank of India last after that

2325 ] Who is the author of “Pair of Blue Eyes”? : Thomas Hardy later above all

2326 ] Which popular Sufi Silsilah tried to counteract the liberal religious policy of Akbar? : Naqshbandi shortly as much as

2327 ] Who is the inventor of Vulcanisation? : Goodyear since at last

2328 ] If you landed at Mirabel international airport where are you? : Montreal so and

2329 ] Who is the author of As You Like it ? : William Shakespeare soonMost Importantly

2330 ] When the Vice-President officiates as President, whose salary does he draw? : President stillBut

2331 ] Which gland secretes saliva in the mouth? : Salivary gland surelyfirstly

2332 ] Who is the author of “Profiles and Letters”? : K.Natwar Singh thanlast

2333 ] Which country in Africa has luxurious tropical rain forests? : Ivory coast thenlater

2334 ] Ayyankali He died at the Age of 77on? : 18 June 1941. thereforeshortly

2335 ] Which was the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest? : Bachendri Pal thoughsince

2336 ] Where are the traces of Portuguese culture found in India? : Goa thirdlyso

2337 ] Dr. M.S. Subbulakshmi has distinguished herself in which field? : Vocal Music tillsoon

2338 ] From which sector is the largest contribution in India’s National Income? : Tertiary sector unlessstill

2339 ] Which lady wrote a historical account during the Mughal Period? : Gulbadan Begam untilsurely

2340 ] Which primate is nearest to modern man ? : Gorilla whenthan

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