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2441 ] The Mayan calendar had? : 18 months Most Importantly while

2442 ] Who is the author of “Wealth of Nations”? : Adam Smith But as log  as

2443 ] The Currency of Philippines? : Peso firstly all in all

2444 ] On the bank of which river is New York situated? : River Hudson last after that

2445 ] Who is popularly known as Nightingale of India? : Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit later above all

2446 ] What is laughing gas? : Nitrous oxide shortly as much as

2447 ] Which animal belongs to the family in which Panda belongs? : Bear since at last

2448 ] After how much time are the elections to Panchayats are to be held? : Every five years so and

2449 ] Which Gupta ruler was a poet and a musician and was adorned with the title of Kaviraja or King of poets? : Samudragupta soonMost Importantly

2450 ] What is a vestigeal organ in man ? : Muscles ear lobe stillBut

2451 ] Who is the author of Anand Math ? : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee surelyfirstly

2452 ] Which is the first Indian woman to reach Olympic finals in individual track events? : P. T. Usha thanlast

2453 ] National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology is situated at which place? : New Delhi thenlater

2454 ] Who is the author of “Adam Bede”? : George Eliot thereforeshortly

2455 ] Which is purest form of iron? : Wrought iron thoughsince

2456 ] In Russia; February Revolution was on ? : 12-Mar-17 thirdlyso

2457 ] Which are waves moving from a sitar to a listener in air? : Longitudinal progressive tillsoon

2458 ] Which Amendment of the Constitution of India deals with the issue of strengthening of the Panchayati Raj? : 73rd unlessstill

2459 ] What is in terms of the railway system India’s position in the world? : Fourth untilsurely

2460 ] Which Indian was honoured by the World Statesman Award; 2012? : Stephen Harper whenthan

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