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2481 ] Who is the author of Hamsters ? : C.P. Snow Most Importantly while

2482 ] Which is a north flowing river? : Chambal But as log  as

2483 ] Insects which feed on waste material such as dead bodies; debris etc are called? : Scavengers firstly all in all

2484 ] Which is the largest island? : Madagascar last after that

2485 ] Who is the author of “The Garden of Solitude”? : Siddhartha Gigoo later above all

2486 ] Who is the author of “War of Indian Independence”? : Vir Savarkar shortly as much as

2487 ] Why is ‘Beaufort Scale’ used? : To measure wind velocity since at last

2488 ] Who is considered as the father of Humanism? : Petrarch; an Italian poet so and

2489 ] Why is the gas thermometers is more sensitive than the liquid thermometer? : Expand more than liquids soonMost Importantly

2490 ] What is the first month of the ‘Saka era’? : Chaitra stillBut

2491 ] St. Thomas came to India in 1st century A. D. to propogate christianity. During which reign did he come? : Gondophernes surelyfirstly

2492 ] In which part was the Nagar style of architecture develop mostly? : South India thanlast

2493 ] Who is the inventor of Telegraph Code? : Samuel Morse thenlater

2494 ] Which is the largest river in the world? : Amazon thereforeshortly

2495 ] Which is at the apex of the-three tier system of Panchayati Raj? : Zila Parishad thoughsince

2496 ] Vegetative propagation by stem cutting is generally foundation of which plant? : Sugarcane thirdlyso

2497 ] The title of whose book translates as my struggle : Adolf Hitler tillsoon

2498 ] What type of acid is used in car batteries? : Sulphuric unlessstill

2499 ] Which is the most important item of non-plan expenditure? : Interest payment untilsurely

2500 ] Where did Akbar build the Panch Mahal; noted for its various types of pillars? : Fatehpur Sikri whenthan

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